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2031-04-25 12:00 am
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How Is My Driving?

I really really want people to let me know when they feel I'm not playing Rose well enough/how can I improve with her. Please leave here whatever you want to say. Anon is enabled, comments are screened.
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2011-12-12 12:03 pm

Six Christmas Giant Socks

A. Phone, unfiltered. Morning.

Some might have noticed this already, but I am returned to Mayfield a week or so after the events that shook the town in ways that go beyond the literal. Should I assume that everybody remains the same? Or have we lost new members of this fine society on the cruel grasp of droning?

I certainly hope we haven't.

B. Phone, filtered to Dave, John and Jade

Are you three still here? I will not accept to be left alone in this forsaken town doing the times of a cookie deliverer girl for the sake of not having my gray matter crisped and served as an appetizing.

C. Phone, filtered to Kanaya.

I have something for you. Where can we meet?

D. Around town, open for anybody who wants a grim scout girl on your door.

[Something Rose hadn't figured out was that her drone self? Had been a top selling scout girl, and now she had to bit her tongue and keep the good work. The fact Jade was apparently droned didn't make things better, as she couldn't stick to the girl and endure things the best way she could.

So if you get a knock on your door, you will find Rose, not happy at all, making her worst attempt to make you buy some cookies.
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2011-11-26 09:22 pm

Five knitted... bio-hazard suits?

Action, around Mayfield. Open to anybody.

[Well, dammit Mayfield.

Rose really didn't have much in the way of a plan about what to do for Thanksgiving, but her options are sorely diminished now aren't they? All that is left to do is wander around the wreckage and try to find familiar faces. She trusts her mother and John's father will take care of themselves; up to the point they had to fight Noir they were holding up pretty well on their own, not to mention it would look pretty bad if she tries to take care of them anyway. What she wants to do is find her friends...and her supposed girlfriend too. Specially her. The lack of phone lines is really irritating, and the added disappearance of her wands isn't making things any easier.

So if she could run into somebody, anybody, she would feel a thousand times better. Not that it shows how bad she feels, nope.
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2011-11-12 02:08 pm

Four knitted scarves

916 Bilko Boulevard, Accidental Phonecall. Unfiltered. Open to housemates

*the phone picks up mid-conversation, as if it's been knocked off the hook by clumsy teenagers Rose's voice comes from not too far.*

I still cannot believe we are doing this. Enjoyable as it might be, I must admit I still have some reservations about it.

Rose, I assure you your reservations are wholly misplaced. I have done this many, many times before, and it has ...almost always resulted in the full enjoyment of all involved parties.

*Rose scoffs a little, but wait, was that a hint of a giggle underneat?* I will give that much to you; you are quite skilled with your hands. I stand here jealous at this discovery...this is really nice though.

*There's the sound of shifting, and Kanaya almost sounds as though she has something in her mouth when she speaks next.* Sweeps of practice have rendered my digital manipulators quite dextrous, yes - and I'm quite pleased to hear that you're finding this to your liking. But as promised, no word of this liason shall ever pass my lips.

If I may ask you to hold as still as possible, Rose? This next part will be rather tight.

While I graciously accepted your request to lend myself to your ways, I must admit I haven't grown to like the fact you are handling me like a rag do-

*Rose's complain is cut as she gasps, and then speaks in a rather mortified tone*

That is...rather tight. My back will be reminding me of this with unforgiving soreness later

*And for her part, Kanaya does sound very apologetic.* I'm quite sorry, but I believe it's for the best to handle the worst of the discomfort at the beginning. I give the full weight of my word that it will be exponentially more agreeable - even satisfying - from this point on.

But please continue to hold still. I would feel very displeased with myself were I to inadvertently scratch you.

So you say. Perhaps it's because you are doing all the work. I feel as if I should probably take the matter into my own hands, but then that would mean you would be but an spectator. Either way one of us is left to watch.

*Rose's tone takes a degree of amusement*A scratch? Not for a lack of effort. I've been holding my breath at every "Hold Still" by now.

I would really rather engage with you directly than to be a mere observer of this flourishing radiance and beauty alike. It simply wouldn't be suitable. And besides, you're certainly a participant rather than a spectator, even if it's a far more passive role than you might prefer. I'm afraid I can't allow you to domineer our interactions every time.

But only a little further, and-- *And then there's a surprised intake of air as somebody notices the displaced phone and moves to hang up. Oops.*

*Somebody hasn't seen the phone yet*

Kanaya? Kanaya Mayram, don't you dare leaving me here without taking proper care of my clothes-

*And so ends the rather strange call*
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2011-10-27 04:10 pm

Three Knitted Giant Ties

Around Mayfield, daytime. Open to all.

[There is a giant Rose walking down the street. Streets, sometimes. She seems to be pretty calm considering she's suddenly bigger than she could ever be, but this is Rose we are talking about. At least her clothes grew with her. God bless long concealing 50's skirts and stupidly long dark socks too.

Perhaps you see her pass? Perhaps she stood on your car. Or maybe she's about to squish you to death? Either way you should let her know. Out of all the weirdness going on she doesn't really mind this bit that she has to live through. She's almost smiling without trying to hiding it, even, but that's mostly because only the rest of the giant population would be able to tell, and those are easy to spot.
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2011-10-12 12:43 pm

Two Knitted Socks

A. Phone, filtered to Dave, John and Jade.

As per Jade's suggestion, and after much deliberating about it, I have decided we must have a sleep over.

Not immediately, as you all are surely occupied with the homecoming and shenanigans, but perhaps the week after it, provided you all are properly interested in taking part.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

B. Phone, filtered to Kanaya.

I was wondering if you perhaps had the intention to attend to the Homecoming party that is to happen this Friday.

[Surprisingly enough she manages to sound completely uninterested.]

C. Mayfield High, after school. Open to anyone.

[So instead of heading back home Rose has decided to sit around and knit. Knit like a madwoman for all the time she had spent deprived of her secret pleasure. She hasn't managed to get her hands on purple yarn yet, but she has a nice stock of black, brown and green, among others. She wouldn't have imagined getting red yarn would be so complicated, but that's Mayfield for you.

She currently seems to be putting a pair of socks together, although one is almost entirely black with blue dots and the other is a succession of green and brown streaks. She's bored, you guys!
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2011-09-13 02:11 am

One Knitted Sweater

A. Phone. Early Morning. Unfiltered.

[It's not that Rose is an early bird. She's a rather regular bird, if the metaphor lends itself for such uses, but she wasn't supposed to be sleeping. Dave was supposed to be sleeping and waking up later, as per the effect she expected to cause after that yarn ball throw. Still, she was the one waking up in a place that was most definitely not Derse, unless they had suddenly populated the place with a completely outdated series of identical suburban houses.]

I seem to find myself in quite the predicament. On one hand, I have the imperative necessity to return to my duties, as they played a rather critical role yet to be defined. In the other hand, though, I am called by the Great Outdoors, as this new locale pleads to be explored.

But before I devote myself to that enterprise I would like to ask for further instructions regarding the nature of this place.

[For the record, Rose sounds as if someone had done something of the magnitude of using all the sugar in the kitchen, not displacing her through time and space. She's really playing it cool here.]

B. Streets of Mayfield, Afternoon.

[And so Rose traverses the streets, sometimes silent, sometimes barely humming a tune, but always keeping an eye on everything. She doesn't even bother with the drones, leave alone the adult ones, but rather focus on those that have a certain shine in their eyes the canon fodder lacks. To them she gives more examination time, although she won't really engage in a conversation by her own initiative. Not until she has managed to get the upper hand in this place. Or in its default, to have lost her patience, whatever happens first.

But yeah she's wandering around, go bother her.

C. Mayfield High. Fashionably Late.

[Like the coolest teenager, Rose arrives late to school...and goes directly to the yard, where she sits somewhere calm and with shade. The day has been too exciting -or rather, mildly exciting- to enter the classrooms; she'll have time to do that later. But it's a good time to have a chat with her fellow classmates, perhaps?]