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A. Phone, unfiltered. Morning.

Some might have noticed this already, but I am returned to Mayfield a week or so after the events that shook the town in ways that go beyond the literal. Should I assume that everybody remains the same? Or have we lost new members of this fine society on the cruel grasp of droning?

I certainly hope we haven't.

B. Phone, filtered to Dave, John and Jade

Are you three still here? I will not accept to be left alone in this forsaken town doing the times of a cookie deliverer girl for the sake of not having my gray matter crisped and served as an appetizing.

C. Phone, filtered to Kanaya.

I have something for you. Where can we meet?

D. Around town, open for anybody who wants a grim scout girl on your door.

[Something Rose hadn't figured out was that her drone self? Had been a top selling scout girl, and now she had to bit her tongue and keep the good work. The fact Jade was apparently droned didn't make things better, as she couldn't stick to the girl and endure things the best way she could.

So if you get a knock on your door, you will find Rose, not happy at all, making her worst attempt to make you buy some cookies.
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