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916 Bilko Boulevard, Accidental Phonecall. Unfiltered. Open to housemates

*the phone picks up mid-conversation, as if it's been knocked off the hook by clumsy teenagers Rose's voice comes from not too far.*

I still cannot believe we are doing this. Enjoyable as it might be, I must admit I still have some reservations about it.

Rose, I assure you your reservations are wholly misplaced. I have done this many, many times before, and it has ...almost always resulted in the full enjoyment of all involved parties.

*Rose scoffs a little, but wait, was that a hint of a giggle underneat?* I will give that much to you; you are quite skilled with your hands. I stand here jealous at this discovery...this is really nice though.

*There's the sound of shifting, and Kanaya almost sounds as though she has something in her mouth when she speaks next.* Sweeps of practice have rendered my digital manipulators quite dextrous, yes - and I'm quite pleased to hear that you're finding this to your liking. But as promised, no word of this liason shall ever pass my lips.

If I may ask you to hold as still as possible, Rose? This next part will be rather tight.

While I graciously accepted your request to lend myself to your ways, I must admit I haven't grown to like the fact you are handling me like a rag do-

*Rose's complain is cut as she gasps, and then speaks in a rather mortified tone*

That is...rather tight. My back will be reminding me of this with unforgiving soreness later

*And for her part, Kanaya does sound very apologetic.* I'm quite sorry, but I believe it's for the best to handle the worst of the discomfort at the beginning. I give the full weight of my word that it will be exponentially more agreeable - even satisfying - from this point on.

But please continue to hold still. I would feel very displeased with myself were I to inadvertently scratch you.

So you say. Perhaps it's because you are doing all the work. I feel as if I should probably take the matter into my own hands, but then that would mean you would be but an spectator. Either way one of us is left to watch.

*Rose's tone takes a degree of amusement*A scratch? Not for a lack of effort. I've been holding my breath at every "Hold Still" by now.

I would really rather engage with you directly than to be a mere observer of this flourishing radiance and beauty alike. It simply wouldn't be suitable. And besides, you're certainly a participant rather than a spectator, even if it's a far more passive role than you might prefer. I'm afraid I can't allow you to domineer our interactions every time.

But only a little further, and-- *And then there's a surprised intake of air as somebody notices the displaced phone and moves to hang up. Oops.*

*Somebody hasn't seen the phone yet*

Kanaya? Kanaya Mayram, don't you dare leaving me here without taking proper care of my clothes-

*And so ends the rather strange call*
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